Cash Out Policy

Cash Out Policy
1. BeLive Application (“BeLive App”) allows each user ("User") to use a virtual wallet ("wallet") that contains the stars ("Stars") and gems ("Gems") to be used within the application.
2. If BeLive discovers or reasonably suspects that any of your stars earned in a fraudulent or illegal manner, or is in an abnormal status, BeLive may freeze, suspend, disable, ban or revoke your account.
3. The User acknowledges and accepts that the purchase of Gems demands the use of real money which shall be debited to the User according to the payment methods chosen by the latter.
4. The Stars are earned when User receives virtual gifts from other Users. They can be converted to Gems or be withdrawn as rewards.
5. The Gems may be purchased through Apple Store, Google Play or other future systems. BeLive reserves the right to change, at any time, the purchase price of Gems and, therefore, the possible purchase of Gems by the User made at a certain price or on the basis of possible temporary promotions that do not entitle the User to benefit from those prices and promotions in the future.
6. The Gems may be used by the User to purchase on BeLive App virtual gifts (“Gifts”) that you can give to your favorite broadcaster within the application. The Gifts may be given on the broadcaster’s profile page or in their live streams.
7. The User acknowledges and accepts that the distribution of the Gems purchased, in the form of donation to another User, shall take place at his sole discretion and once the gift transfer from his own Account to another User’s Account is confirmed, this transfer will be irrevocable. BeLive will not be involved in any direct relation between Users concerning their Gift donations.
8. Each Gift has a cost expressed in Gems according to a price list valid from time to time, in the BeLive App. In this regard, BeLive reserves the right to modify the Gift purchase price expressed in Gems or introduce new Gifts or single promotions limited in time.
9. The Gift values are indicated in the Product and Price Catalogue (“Catalogue”) which can be found in the BeLive App.
10. In terms of counter value, each Gift is equaled by a certain amount of Stars that will be also added to the User’s Wallet. At any time, the User may know the amount of Stars or Gems contained in his Wallet. The User who owns Stars, besides using them for the Cash-out (see below) may also convert them to Gems to purchase other Gifts as indicated in the Catalogue.
11. The User who gained virtual Gifts or Stars may turn them into real cash through the Cash-out. The Cash Out system shall occur only through personal payment accounts open with PayPal, other similar payment systems and, upon conclusion of the on-line transaction, PayPal or similar payment systems shall credit the amount related to the Cash Out on a bank account and/or on another account/payment tool of the User. The User acknowledges and accepts that the real cash conversion is determined by BeLive and may be modified by BeLive at any time.
12. Cash Out is only available once a month (commence from a new calendar month). This means that if the User cash out on 1 Dec, his next cash out will be 1 Jan. Likewise, if the User cash out on 30 Dec, his next cash out is still 1 Jan.
13. BeLive has the rights to terminate your cash out if any fraud or abuse of the system is detected.
14. Any fraudulent activity found shall be deducted during the said month, or in following months, as they are discovered or addressed.
15. If the User does not agree with the terms of this Cash Out Policy (“Policy”) and, in particular, does not approve the conditions regarding the Cash Out system, he shall be obliged to refrain from purchasing and/or using the same inside the BeLive App.
16. The User acknowledges and accepts that BeLive may change, modify or update the terms set forth in this Policy as well as the Catalogue prices, at its sole and total discretion and without previously informing the User, and those changes, modifications or updates will apply to the future purchases of Gems or Gifts. Consequently, the User shall be in charge of checking the terms of this Policy and the Catalogue prices before purchasing Gems and have therefore access to the BeLive App features that are based on the giving of Gifts, the conversion from Stars into Gems and the Cash Out of Stars. In case of failed acceptance of the changes, modifications or updates made, the User acknowledges and accepts that he shall refrain from making purchases and/or using the application.